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We are Liz Cooke and Joe Truman and we have been making and installing flags at festivals since 2008, transforming landscapes with our colourful designs.

Liz trained and worked as a photographer /illustrator in London throughout the 1990’s. After 6 months travelling in India, Liz moved to the Isle of Wight, where she met surfer and painter Joe.

Liz began making flags in 2008 and quickly became fascinated at the ability of flags to transform a space into something celebratory and up-lifting. As part of her creative practice Liz has designed and made hundreds of beautiful, arena size, festival flags, while Joe has designed and refined a rig that enables us to fly flags in all weather conditions. Together with our crew we have created spectacular large-scale flag installations making events come alive with the magic of colour and movement.

“My flag work is inspired by my meditation practice and the prayer flags I saw throughout the Himalayas whilst travelling in India.  Each flag is a peace flag, blessed for the good of all beings, beyond borders and nations.  May all beings throughout the Universe be happy.”

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Flag Hire

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We love working with production teams to create beautiful flag installations for festivals and events, and have 12 years of experience in flying flags in all weather conditions.

We can undertake site visits, consult site maps, and work closely with our clients before marking out flag installations that have maximum effect in transforming any event into something special.

All our flags come with a bespoke rotational arm, allowing the designs to fly even when there is no wind, and a robust rigging system that has been vigorously tested on a large scale. All our flags are designed and handmade by Liz and we have hundreds of original designs and colour-ways.  Choose from:

  • Large-scale arena flags
    Our Arena flags are perfect for big festivals and events.  These flags mark out arenas and areas that can be seen over large distances.
  • Small-scale festival flags
    Our smaller festival flags fly lower and are suitable for smaller events like county shows, weddings and parties.
  • Heart Banners
    These banners fly without an arm and work well in windy conditions. More banner designs coming soon.

Contact Liz to find out more about hiring the flags for your event.

H&S Policy

RA Policy

PLI to £10m

H&S Policy

RA Policy

PLI to £10m


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All the flags are designed and made by Liz in her off-grid, solar-powered workshop on the Isle of Wight, in an intentionally meditative, small scale model of working.

We are moving towards a zero-waste policy, repairing flag sets and up-cycling them into other designs when they are past their best, which additionally creates new colour-ways and tones in the designs. The cut-outs and scraps from each new flag set are either used as details in other designs, made into fringe bunting, or used in various crafts tents as part of Liz’s event production work. No fabric is wasted or binned.

During 2019 Liz began exploring the use of working with recycled materials, turning a paragliding wing into a canopy for Carnevale at Rhythmtree Festival, and using end of roll spinnaker fabric to make a set of flags for Greenpeace for their “Protect Our Oceans” campaign.

We are currently collecting sails, spinnakers and paragliders from local friends with a view to creating new work from used materials.

© Bárbara Sánchez Palomero / Greenpeace

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Please use this form to get in touch with us for your festival and event bookings, stating the date, location and requirements of your event.

We will get back to you within 24 hours with prices and availability.

We also accept commissions and can work with you to create bespoke flags and décor.

Get in touch with your ideas and concepts and we can discuss them with you and make them come alive!


We have been privileged to work with some amazing clients over the last decade, designing and rigging flag installations for small, medium and large events and festivals, and transforming landscapes with vibrant colour and movement.  

Our clients have included:

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