The Flags

Liz and her team have been installing flags at festivals and events since 2008, and have solid experience in working with a variety of festival production teams to bring a vibrant layer of colour and movement to an event.

They are fully insured and can undertake site visits, risk assessments, and consult closely with clients before marking out lines, circles, arcs and other flag formations for maximum effect in transforming any event into something special.

There are hundreds of flags available for hire, and each winter Liz designs and makes new sets of flags for the next season.

Liz’s partner, Joe Truman, has designed and created the rigging system, making custom flag arms and weights for each set, and overseeing each and every installation.

Most of the flags are large scale, and are installed so that they fly above the top of a 6m scaffold. This scale is perfect for big events, marking out arenas and areas that can be seen over large distances.

They also have smaller sets of flags, which fly below the top of a 6m scaffold pole, which are perfect for smaller events which require a more intimate feel

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Please use the Contact page to get in touch with Liz regarding hiring flags for your event.

There is a minimum hire of 20 flags.


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