Irons On The Fire…..


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Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

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Irons On The Fire…..

The new flags are underway!

I’ve been spending everyday in the studio, surrounded by bright fabrics whilst looking out at a faded landscape and dreaming up fields of colour for the summer.

One of the many joys of having an off-grid studio, is my random assortment of old-fashioned irons.

Flags need irons, to press all those seams and make things hang together better.

Irons seem to sooth the newly created designs, ease colours into each other, make the next seam easier to get right. Well that’s how it feels to me anyhow.

But…….it takes lots of energy to use electricity to heat things up, and a conventional iron (approx 2000 W), would overload our small system which is designed to power a sewing machine ( 100W) and a digital radio ( 15W).

Which means I’ve had to go old school, and amass some old solid metal irons from car boot sales and junk shops to keep that fabric flat!

We removed the paint from some, to make them ex-decorative, now functional, which felt good.

As does the way they’re so  tactile to use – when they’re too hot too handle, you know it’s perfect for one kind of process  or if they’re just warming up then it’s perfect for a light press.

I had one in my hand a couple of weeks back, as they announced on a radio news item that the iron had been dropped from the Monopoly board game.


Back to the future…..there’s life in the old ways yet.



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